Single Sliding Door

This sophisticated hardware system opens up new dimensions in the field of transparent room design for architects and planners.
It is remarkably simple to install: the suspension is fitted from the interior, thus providing protection against break-ins,
and the countersunk suspension bolt permits an especially low installation height.
It is also extremely simple to adjust the position of the sliding door as the vertical adjustment can be carried out from the interior.
This system can be applied to door using steel, timber or glass.

Single Sliding System

4 Panels window sliding system.

Single Sliding

Timber sliding door , height 4.2m, slide into pocket when open.
Timber panel size 910mm (W) x 4434mm (H)

Single Sliding System

Timber sliding door, timber panel size 1028mm (W) x 2515mm (H).
Slide into pocket when fully open

Single Sliding System

Sliding window, weight – 149kg.
Glass panel size 2200mm (W) x 2216mm (H)


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