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Historically, Flexidoor has proved unwavering in developing and manufacturing all the products that it sells. In what its core business concerns, sectional doors, Flexidoor has been playing a key role in the development, innovation and product promotion.
In search of success by bridging the timeless demands and needs in marketplace,
Flexidoor continued its investment in innovation and, in 2005, started the manufacturing of High Speed Doors.
Flexidoor became the first Portuguese manufacturer of that type of doors certified according to European standards. Flexidoor’s High Speed Doors have been praised in all markets particularly in terms of reliability, security and robustness.
Following all these steps, Flexidoor S.A. chose the 2010 year to launch its own brand of automation – the LIKE IT.
A completely new brand, developed thinking exclusively in innovation and in the most demanding and stringent needs of the intended spaces. With a development based on four basic pillars, the quality of the materials, the bet in an attractive design, the
full integration with the home and the certification and CE marking, Flexidoor presents a range of top residential and industrial automation.
Innovation, Safety and Product Liability are the distinguishing factors of this whole new
range of products. With a vision of the future, always providing its customers the most innovative services and more advanced solutions, the range of automatic LIKE IT is already a new successful case of Flexidoor in the market.

Sliding Gate Operator

LIKE IT presents the SLIDE engine, a new range of operators for sliding gates. Available in two versions – one with 24 VDC and 600 Kg of power and another with 230Vac and 1800Kg of power, they are capable to adapt to all different kind of situations.
This way the client doesn’t need to be constantly concerned by choosing between several models and engine types. In case of power failure, the engine can be operated
applying batteries. The release (with key) is frontal and it is easily accessible.

A Touch Of Class

Motor for Sectional and Up-and-Over Doors LIKE IT is the latest innovation in home automation, with a range of solutions where high technology reigns.
With different options in terms of power, the PROL delivers the performance of an motor specially developed for the residential market, with easy programming functions, quality of conception and the elegance of a top designer.

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LK 75 / 100 / 150

Industrial door mechanism built for heavy duty usage to lift big roller shutters. Giving an output up to 150Nm this mechanism can move a door with from 25 to 35m2.


PRO 80 / 120

Motor for Sectional and Up-and-Over Doors. Giving a output force of 800 to 1200 Nm , door surface not more than 16m2.


SLIDE 600 / 1800

Powerful sliding engine for gates or door weighing up to 1800kg. In case of power failure, the engine can be operated applying batteries. The release (with key) is frontal and it is easily accessible.


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