Quality and designer appeal, with a header profile measuring just 100 mm high

Architectural Design

Gilgen automatic doors can provide any building with a user-friendly addition that is also an attractive architectural
feature. Clients and architects are offered advanced functionality and prestigious designs created to meet their exacting requirements. The Gilgen SLX sliding door drive unit, which comes with an impressive header profile height of just 100 mm, is ideal for use in any designer solution. And it offers a complete range of functions, despite its extremely low profile.

Barrier-Free Convenience

It is hard to imagine a customer-friendly building design that does not include Gilgen automatic sliding doors. The many possible examples, which include airports, hotels, restaurants, shops and other commercial premises, all clearly demonstrate the benefits of automated entrances and internal accesses. Automatic doors offer an excellent solution for disabled users, who benefit from the contact free convenience they offer.

Safety and Security

The Gilgen SLX sliding door drive unit meets our ever growing need for safety and security. Optional functions, such as
burglar-resistant components, or door systems designed to offer a guaranteed escape route in the event of an emergency, are just two of the features available. The highly reliable SLX is designed to offer impressive performance in a
wide range of demanding applications.

Telescopic Configuration

The Gilgen SLX sliding door system is also available in telescopic configuration. Although the height of the header profile is 140 mm in this instance .This allows the width of an access to be maximised, even in places where space is limited.


The Gilgen SLX sliding door drive unit is TÜV-approved, and conforms to the relevant norms and standards.


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