The elegant way to slide and fold glass walls.

  Attractive outlook for Flexible, Customised Room Partitions.
  Easy to Fold and Stacked.
  Quiet, Smooth Movement
  Space Saving
  For Glass, Timber or Steel Panels

Frameless 8 panels bi-part.
Opening 5000mm (W) x 3250mm (H)


Variofold 8 panels bi part using timber panels.
Opening 5000mm (W) x 3250mm (H)


All 8 panels slide to one side.
Opening 5486mm (W) x 3331mm (H)

Customised panel size.
Opening 6000mm (W) x 4000mm/5400mm (H)

Customise panel, fabricated using RHS.
4 panels bi-part opening 3825mm (W) x 4585mm (H)


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