HAWA Variofold


The principle

HAWA-Variofold 80/GV is a high-quality hardware system for all-glass folding-wall installations with an even or odd number of panels, for partitioning of rooms. The hardware stacks up and a pivoted access door may also be installed on the opposite side to the folding stack. Folding and sliding actions all have the typical HAWA quality feel , and as usual, there are no visible mechanical parts to interfere with te pleasing abd even design: everything is built-in to the glass retainer profile. Planning is especially easy, since all panels can be made the same width.

The benefits
-   Advanced folding mechanism and economical stacking.
-   Identical components for installations that open to the left or right, inwards or outwards.
-   A seperate pivoted access door can be added on the opposite side.
-   Pleasing glass retainer profile completely conceals mechanical components.
- Closed door pairs are secured at the top by a folding/slding door snapper with an integrated and individually adaptable retainer.
-   Quiet, easy running.
-   Simple, convenient operation.
-   An integrated bar bolt lock can be fitted for security.



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