HAWA Media 70G


The principle

HAWA-Media 70 has been a highly successful hardware system for many years. It is a truly convincing solution for curved siding door weighing up to 70 kg. And like all other HAWA hardware systems, it has outstanding running properties thanks to it's plastic-coated ball bearings. With the HAWA-Media 70 you can count on a hardware system that is extremely robust and will provide a long service life. Its rattle proof bottom guide makes sure that no noise - e.g due to draughts, etc. - interfere with its smooth and silent operation.

The benefits

The HAWA- Media 70 saves you both time and nerves thanks to the fact that it is so simple to install and is so versatile. Its top tracks are supplied already curved and drilled and are thus ready for installation. You can choose a radius of 500 mm or greater. The doors are extremely easy to adjust horizontally and installation is equally simple whether on the wall or the ceiling.

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