HAWA Junior series

HAWA JUNIOR 80 / 120 / 160 / 250/G

HAWA-Junior: A proven all-rounder with solutions for the future

HAWA-Junior has been a success for more than 20 years. A comprehensive sliding hardware system with a broad range of applications and proven million-fold, it is a firm favourite with architects, designers and uders alike. Whether sliding glass doors with patch suspension or continuous profile - HAWA-Junior blends harmoniously into any architectural surround. The system's complexity and extensive accessory programme leave plenty of scope for any application - including sliding wooden doors - and offer a wide range of fittings options for doors weighing from 40kg up to 250kg.

The benefits
-   Elegant, adaptable profile design with invisibly integrated technology.
-   Quiet running properties and a long life thanks to high-quality plastic rollers and plain anodised top tracks.
-   Track stops with adjustable retention force for greater operating convenience.
-   Discreet, point-fixing floor gudie or stable, two-point guiding in a floor-fitted track, depending on operational requirements.
-   High operational safety thanks to form-fitting glass connections.
-   Frameless system for wood/wood, wood/glass and glass/glass panel combinations.

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