Gilgen Swing door drive unit FDC

The automation of new or existing swing doors

Control elements
Hands-free operation is actuated by a movement sensor or other impulse elements. The various operating modes can be selected via a program switch.
• Radars, sensors, movement detectors, remote control or door catch contact as opening elements for inside or outside
• Key-operated switch for operating the locked door from outside at night
• Program switch built into the drive unit
• Optional external program switch
BEDIS Safety elements
• Safety monitoring with automatic stop/ reverse mechanism
• Sensor strip or photoelectric cells
• Emergency OFF switch
• Dry contact for signal
(Closed, Open, in motion)

The door is opened by an electric motor, while closure is achieved via a spring mechanism, which can be motor-assisted.
The integrated damper unit stops the door from slamming shut. If there is a power cut, the door can be closed by means of its spring mechanism from any position.

A range of individual extra functions are also available:
• Reinforced closure
• Push and go function
• Adjustable opening width
• Progressive regulation of opening and closing speed, hold-open time and motor power
• Optical/acoustic signal during movement of door leaf
• Automatic closing sequence control for bi-parting systems
• Interlock control for 2 doors

The TÜV-tested drive mechanism is designed for a convenient, safe and automatic operation.

• Reliable fire-protection function for fire-rated doors
• Officialy recognised by DIBt

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GILGEN FDC automatic swing mechanism
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