The essential advantages of the FD20 

- More power (+ 50 %) as compared to the precessor FDC
- Faster /more dynamic
- Plug + Play, LCD display on the PCB (end user- and installer-friendly)
- Maximum ease of operation (lighted keys in the side cover)
- Simple resetting procedure for the customer
- D-BEDIX (option)
- More electric power for the external elements (such as sensory system, electric door opener, etc.)
- Single-leaf function (in the event ob bi-parting swing doors, i.e. separately controlled individual door leaves)
- Function Permanently open (without magnetic holding brake)
- Robust, vandal-proof , i.e. the drive unit cannot be damaged by the application of a manual force
- Rugged internal stop piece

Installation and rod assembly versions

- Normal rod assembly 105° (pushing effect)
- Sliding rod assembly (pulling and pushing effect) 105° also suited for fire-protection applications, but in this case: maximum lintel depth approx. 30 mm)
- Intelligent rod assembly fastening on the door leaf 


- Each one of the functions can be directly enabled by means of the 5 keys on the side cover
- Push + Go feature, fast and smooth response
- The accelerating function (forceful closing) can be programmed
- The starting torque can be programmed
- A closing sequence and motor lock delay can be programmed



Technical data

- Dimensions (Height x Depth x Width) 95 mm x 120 mm x 690 mm
- Weight of drive unit 10,5 kg
- Mains power supply: 230Vac/50 Hz, main installation switch integrated in the drive unit
- Power supply for external elements: 24 VDC, 2000 mA
- Door sizes
- FD20        EN 3 (850 mm) to EN 7 (1600 mm)
- Max. Door weight 250 kg

Mechanical closing sequence regulation

- By means of control unit (Master/Slave)
- Mechanical closing sequence regulator for FD20-F (extern as with FDC)

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