High Speed rolling door


High Speed Doors, are the ideal solution for all requirements of an intensive isolation and space environments with different characteristics. Supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse, docks and unloading platforms, laboratories, centers, are places where the isolation is essential and all of them find in this product the more flexible, feasible and robust answer. It comes in two design, high speed rolling door or high speed folding door to be choose from.

The good results achieved in the level of acoustic and thermal insulation, together with their flexibility, reliability and
compact structure, make Flexidoor high speed doors a benchmark for the most advanced technology in the field of
industrial doors for intensive use.

Our doors are ideal to high traffic passages and divide different areas. The high speed roll-up doors can be manufactured
to a maximum width of 4500 mm and maximum height of 4500 mm. The doors are designed to look attractive and are
composed by a lacquered aluminium structure, fixed to the wall with galvanized steel screws.

Why choose Flexidoor high speed roll-up doors?
- Easy installation
- Requires a minimum space to install
- Profiles exclusively in aluminium
- Current inverter
- Structure up to 4500 mm wide and 4500 mm high
- Digital control unit
- Error detection

Components and Advantages


The aluminium shaft on which the curtain is rolled slides on high quality spherical roller-bearings, fixed on two galvanized
plate supports, in order to reduce wear and tear and increase its durability.

Flexidoor doors are composed by a high quality pvc curtain with flame retardancy*, weighing 900 gr/m2. The main assets
of the curtain is resistance and security. Customer may, furthermore, request the application of transparent curtain strips on high speed doors.
* not available in some colors

Gearmotor composed by electrical break, 230/400V AY of 140 rpm at 50Hz, designed for intensive use with release accessory (handle) for manual operation in case of power failure.

Control Board
Designed from high quality material, the control board is 
equipped with:
- Compact current vector inverter with integrated automation to minimize the wear of the motor and cut the current spikes.
- One-phase power supply and three-phase output for the motor.
- Power supply for the accessories of 12/24 Vdc with stabilized power source included.
- Central process unit controller that controls all the external signals
- Speed control
- Potentiometer for the regulation of automatic closing

Control Board Options
Emergency system with battery. In case of power failure, the door opens automatically and remains open until the electricity returns. This option is only available for doors with a height and width under 3500 mm.

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