Industrial sectional door


Sectional door
Flexidoor has a range of products that can fit into residential and commercial buildings. Thus, having as our goal the
satisfaction of our customers, we provide products that combine flexibility, quality, robustness, aesthetics and elegance.

The panel used in the sectional doors have an interior reinforcement sheets to ensure a solid assembly between all components, turning it into a product of remarkable robustness. The interior reinforcement is in all panels for industrial and residential doors.

Sectional industrial doors are the ideal solution to save interior space, since the panels are placed vertically next to the wall or parallel to the roof, avoiding possible accidents.

Flexidoor doors can be adapted to any kind of building due to the multiple assembly types. These along with durability and design, are important factors that can decide the choice of our products.
Note: the doors greater than 5250mm in width have reinforcements and long rollers.

Flexidoor pass door system for finger-safe door with integrated low threshold. The main characteristics of our pass door system are:
1 Smooth design with anodised or lacquered aluminium profiles
2 Low and safe lower threshold – easy passage
3 Strong construction
4 Innovative hidden hinges: very good aesthetics and easy installation
5 Intermediate hinges fixed on the aluminium profiles
6 Door closer
7 Pinch-proof caps - no danger for your fingers
8 4 Points lock – when higher protection is requested
9 Wireless pedestrian safety kit – for automatic doors

The components are of crucial importance in the operation of a door.
Each accessory is subjected to rigorous tests before being selected and included in the production process, to ensure the highest quality of the product that will fulfill our customer needs.
Therefore, there are multiple criteria for the selection of these accessories, of which we wish to highlight the following:
1. Silence during use
2. Durability of materials and, subsequently, of the door
3. Balancing and dimension of lintel
4. Safety against any type of hazard (Cutting, pinching, tripping)

The Panel
- The panel is a key component in the composition of a sectional door, appearing in different shapes: Groove, Wood, Frame, Flat, Micro-Rib. The panel has CE Marking in the new standard EN14509.
- All models have similar characteristics of comfort, security, robustness and reliability by virtue of its constitution in double steel sheets with thickness between 0.45mm and 0.7 mm, and inner insulation of high quality polyurethane with a density of ± 45Kg/m3. A rubber is applied to provide a perfect sealing between panels, ensuring the maximum insulation to the door.
- There are also panels in aluminum plate, with ± 0.6 mm thick. The panel has a fingersafe system and a thickness of 40 mm, with two reinforcement sheets to ensure a solid assembly between all components.
- This set of features allows the panel to obtain optimum characteristics of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, water tightness and load due to wind pressure.
- The panels are equiped with a finger-safe system.
- Flexidoor has a set of solutions to ensure the safety of their users. The finger-safe system is one of the solutions that prevent any type of hazard in our doors.

- Flexidoor doors allow the customer to choose between two different types of handles: Lever and Embedded.
- The decision is based on functional factors or simply in the personal style of each customer.

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